The Original forums were very small, less than 25 users.

ASFNCA had just started, and this was before the merge of NSMBX and Cloud's Forums.

The Original Forums from the Wayback machine

The forums grew more popular, and the first invasion was of the trolls:

pizza123, Drow Ranger, and cheepchep2004

This invasion occured when only KoolKat was online. He PM'ed castlewars, bossedit8, and many other users on Knux's forum to get the trolls banned.

Finally, the trolls were banned by castlewars.

The castlewars forum hacking, when FNC revealed castlewars's password accidentally on Knux's forum, was devastating. It was the first forum hacking.

Some parts of the hacking aftermath, from the Wayback machine.

The forums were continually growing in popularity. However, one of the biggest flamewars in SMBX history was brewing: KoolKat vs. 8bitmushroom.

The backstory:

KoolKat had been recently very defensive about his comic design. He was tempbanned for a month for "being defensive." 8bitmushroom criticized KoolKat for this on the FNC Forums. 8bit had also been making staff complaints. KoolKat wrongly banned 8bit from the FNC forums. However, this caused a large flamewar to erupt between these users:

SkySpark, Bomber57, 8bitmushroom, Wind, and Ragont

KoolKat, FutureNyanCat2002, DeathCats33, and castlewars.

The kostamaster5 hacking was sad, when kostamaster5 was hacked by an unknown user.

The KoolKat hacking actually caused the flamewar to return. This is when triplehit513 hacked KoolKat and spammed flaming posts.

When Pixels vandalized the wiki, many users had to help to fix it, including myself.

Shortly after TheKoopaman's defeat, the remainder of the Hacker Fleet was overtaken by Miles' forces and eradicated. No Hacking Vessel ever made it back to Hacking Wikia to report what had transpired.